This is a website that provides around 20 questions on over 100 topics, from animals to wrinkles!

Please read the questions before using to check you understand them / they are appropriate for your students.

Don’t print copies for ALL the students:
• Print only one set and cut up the worksheet so there is one question per slip per student
• Hand out one question to each student (you may need to give out a couple of questions more than once due to the class having more than 20 students)
• Get the students to ‘survey’ the class on their one question
• Get the students to share what they find out from their question in groups
• Create a poster/display to give a presentation to the whole class the following week.


1. Depending on the topic chosen, what additional questions would they add?

2. Get the 2/3 students surveying one question and then compare their answers.

Happy Teaching!