Reading leading to Speaking

This is an activity without a worksheet, but requires students to have access to the internet.

1. Go to

2. Tell students to take notes on the following headings

  • How to:
  • Things you’ll need:
  • Steps:   

3. Instruct students to find topics and between 3-4 links related to London/English/location that they would like to share.

4. Discussion questions:

  • Tell your partner about the How To links you found.
  • What made them interesting?
  • Do you think you will ever use / need the information in the link in London/location?
  • What would you add?

This activity is good for differentiated learning and personalisation. Plus it uses authentic texts!

Reading leading to Writing

Use of the following websites: /

These websites do exactly what they say they are: stories that have been made up of six words or fifty words only.  There are stories divided into categories, so find a theme that is relevant to the vocabulary you want the students to develop.  This idea can be extended to: two sentence stories; three sentence stories; 100 word stories; etc.

Suggestion 1: show students examples of them and get them to create their own.

Suggestion 2: pick out your top favourite ones and get students to create longer short stories from it.